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Envirogen Industrial Services has the latest equipment in non destructive technology built from late 2009. Envirogen use a technique called Hydro Excavation that utilises water and vacuum to excavate the soil above and around underground utilities. Hydro Excavation is more cost effective when compared with conventional excavation methods. Repairs to the ground after hydro excavation is minimal especially in high traffic areas such as highways. Disruption to traffic is also kept to a minimum due to the speed of the excavation and repair. This method also elimates the problem of damaging buried services such as sewer lines, fibre optic and electricity cables, water and gas mains, stormwater lines and even tree root systems.

Non Destructive Digging minimises the risks associated with excavation work such as possible loss of service, explosions from gas mains, shorting of electrical cables and the damage to water pipes. As part of our commitment to Quality Non Destructive Digging services, we have invested in experienced operators to ensure the most efficient method is delivered to our clients.