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Envirogen High Pressure Water Blasting has been used in Industrial Cleaning applications for many years. As contaminates build up and impede process capabilities, Envirogen customers use water blasting equipment as a means to clean, maintain, and extend the life of their capital equipment that would otherwise be costly to replace.

Industrial cleaning tasks are not an exact science, as many variables influence the required pressure and flow rates necessary to achieve the desired results. Some particles may be loose and easily removed with lower pressures, where others may be more difficult and require more pressure and volume to overcome the bond between the contaminate and the object to be cleaned. For this reason Envirogen offers a variety of Water Blasting equipment to meet your industrial cleaning needs.

Waterblast Cleaning Benefits

  • High Pressure Water Blasting is an economic and environmentally safe way to clean, maintain, and ultimately extend the life of your capital equipment investment
  • Water Blasting leaves virtually no residue behind as would a chemical based cleaning process
  • Water Blasting is dust free and does not promote air borne contaminates
  • The impact on other critical areas is minimized
  • Removal of multi-layered coating systems is possible
  • Cleaning of specific areas is possible without harming the surrounding areas
  • Water Blasting is extremely gentle and will not distort or change the physical property of the surface
  • There is no damage to sensitive areas, such as welding seams and connecting joints
  • Lower cost for disposal of material
  • Cleaned surfaces are contaminant free and ready for re-use