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Surface Preparation is the process of removing contaminants. Surface Preparation may range from a wipe down to a total stripping of coating. The surfaces are usually Concrete, metal or aluminum and include ship hulls, large storage tanks (internal and external), walk ways or any hard surface. Removable contaminants include paint, oil, scale, or rust. Contaminates are removed with water blasting before coating or painting a surface or additional concrete. Surface Preparation requires special preplanning and evaluation of potential hazards before work can begin. Concrete scabbling with HP water leaves a more uniform finish for additional concrete to bond to.

 There are several types of Surface Preparation methods that are used to clean a surface before painting or coating. These include Toxic Cleaning Solvent, Chemical Removers, Mechanical Removers, and High Pressure Water Blasting. The two most common forms used in Surface Preparation are High Pressure Waterblasting (water only) and Abrasive Blasting, which uses a large amout of abrasive (primarily sand).

 In recent years with Envirogen leading the way, HP Water Blasting has become the leading method for Surface Preparation. The benefit of HP Water Blasting is its extremely ingenious way of being an effective and environmentally friendly way to prepare a surface for coating application with only pressurized water.

Surface Preparation Techniques

There are primarily two types of Surface Preparation techniques, Abrasive Blasting, and HP Water Blasting:

 Abrasive Blasting (grit blasting) involves the use of compressed air and large amounts of abrasive (sand primarily) to prepare a surface for coating or paint.

 High Pressure (HP) Water Blasting involves the use of HP Water (usually between 8,000 psi and 40000 psi) to prepare a surface for coating or paint. HP Water Blasting uses an array of motors (usually diesel to handle the flow rate and psi needed for Surface Preparation), pumps, and accessories to ensure that a surface is ready for paint or coating is as little time as possible.

Benefits of Water Blasting Surface Preparation

  • HP Water Blasting is cleaner and less wasteful than Abrasive Blasting
  • Compared to Abrasive Blasting, HP Water Blasting leaves 98% less residue behind
  • Envirogen HP Water Blasting is dust free
  • Dust free environment allows coating and painting to happen simultaneously with Surface Preparation
  • Dust sensitive areas can be maintained while Surface Preparation is taking place.
  • Removal of multi-layered coating systems is possible
  • Preparation of specific areas is possible without harming the surrounding areas
  • HP Water Blasting is extremely gentle. It will not distort or change the physical property of the surface
  • There is no damage to sensitive areas, such as welding seams and connecting joints
  • Lower cost for disposal of material
  • Prepared surfaces are contaminant free.