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Envirogen Industrial Services will extend our highly regarded 24 hour a day 365 days a year collection service to include:

  • Viscous contaminated sludges including petroleum residues and other organic waste materials
  • Drilling muds
  • Stormwaters
  • Contaminated soil (wet & dry)

The Vacuum Trucks carry an auxillary diesel power source providing superior performance from their liquid ring pump that enables not only faster operation with a greater variety of viscous liquids and solids but also the capacity to pump from depths of up to 30 metres and distances of more than 200 metres. This facilitates collection from relatively inaccessible sites such as environmental spills, underground drainage, interior of large vessels etc.

The Supersucker vacuum is rated at 27” Hg with an air capacity of over 3000 cubic metres an hour. Our fleet waste collection capacity is between 7 tonne to 15 tonne.

There are significant safety measures built into the EPA licenced units to ensure safe working of hazardous products.