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The speed, convenience, security and cost effectiveness of vacuum loading are now available for a much wider range of waste materials. Hazardous and restricted wastes which may have required costly and potentially high risk manual collection can now be disposed of with minimal contact by personnel or exposure to the environment within the fully contained Supersucker.

All our vacuum trucks are built to the highest standard

We can provide units specifically built you your unique requirements

Our vacuum units utilize liquid ring pumps with water filtration systems which are proven to dramatically reduce dust and particles from being vented

Liquid ring pumps are considered best for handling materials with low flash point temperature

All our units can produce 27 Hg of vacuum


Vacuum Services Offered

Pit and Sump Cleanouts

Storm Water and Sewer Drainage




Site Transfer

Solids & liquid

Dust Catch

Basin Water

Intake Materials

Storage and Transfer Areas

Power Plants Maintenance

Oil Field Service

Fly Ash - Remove fly ash from boiler systems including penthouses, hoppers, stacks, precipitators, top and bottom ash collection points and bag houses. Outfitted with cooling ring lines, hot molten ash.

Pit and Sump Cleanouts - Includes cooling towers, wastewater treatment chambers, solids separation, and pits beneath process machinery.

Catch Basin - Maintenance of catch basins is accomplished by removing obstructing materials including entire storm drainage systems.

Power Plants - Cleaning of dead air space within boilers; removal of top and bottom ash from penthouses, duct work, hoppers, stacks, pre cipitators, and bag houses; cleaning of coal, handling, and processing.

General Plant Maintenance - Drainage systems including ditches, drain lines, catch basins for entire storm drain systems