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Vacuum Loading

  • Pit and Sump Cleanouts
  • Storm Water and Sewer Drainage
  • Tanks
  • Trenches
  • Ponds
  • Site Transfer
  • Solids and Liquid
  • Dust Catch
  • Basin Water
  • Intake Materials
  • Storage and Transfer Areas
  • Oil Field Service
  • Fly Ash
  • Pit and Sump Cleanouts
  • Power Plants Maintenance
  • Catch Basin Maintenance
  • General Plant Maintenance

High Pressure Water Blasting

Envirogen offers industrial water blasting and waste recovery services to its valued customers.
With water blasting equipment operating at up to 40,000 p.s.i., we are capable of tackling the most rigorous turn-around schedules that your plant may present. Whether it’s tube lancing, Concrete demolition, boiler washing, pipe cleaning, tank cleaning, vacuum recovery, ship cleaning, sludge removal or surface preparation and painting, Envirogen has the qualified team of hydro blasting professionals you’ve been looking for. As every job is different we are willing to have machinery and tooling manufactured to specific needs.

Non Destructive Digging

Envirogen has the latest equipment in non-destructive technology built in late 2008. We use a technique called Hydro Excavation that utilises water and vacuum to excavate the soil above and around underground utilities. Hydro Excavation is more cost effective when compared with conventional excavation methods. Repairs to the ground after hydro excavation is minimal especially in high traffic areas such as highways. Disruption to traffic is also kept to a minimum due to the speed of the excavation and repair. This method also eliminates the problem of damaging buried services such as sewer lines, fibre optic and electricity cables, water and gas mains, stormwater lines and even tree root systems. Non Destructive Digging minimises the risks associated with excavation work such as possible loss of service, explosions from gas mains, shorting of electrical cables and the damage to water pipes. As part of our commitment to Quality Non Destructive Digging services, we have invested in experienced operators to ensure the most efficient method is delivered to our clients.

Some examples of uses:

  • Potholing of gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines.
  • Straightening of power poles
  • Coring to enable soil samples
  • Tree planting and remediation
  • A combination of water and vacuum to ‘pothole’ down onto underground services to verify the exact position of the service
  • A combination of water/vacuum to undertake larger excavations around underground assets
  • Excavate power and street light poles (trenches and pits)
  • Excavate trench under obstacles (trees, driveways, footpaths, pillars)

Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning units are the safest and most efficient method of removing sludge and debris from drains and pits. The combination of both vacuum and jet proves itself when carrying out drain cleaning and root cutting operations while back-flushing debris and sludge.

The collection of this waste in the tanker expels any chance that our drain cleaning operation could effect downstream drains and better serves the community by retaining pollutants for correct disposal.

This equipment also allows the most efficient removal of dust, solids and liquids from confined spaces and pits without confined space entry.

Industrial Cleaning

  • Surface Preparation, concrete scabbling with High Pressure water using no chemicals, preparing the surface for coatings.
  • Hydro Mowing,
  • Bridge cleaning, deck and substructure.
  • Dry dust controlled sweeping with ride on sweepers.
  • Drain cleaning, Pipe cleaning and inspections, Pit, tank, cell cleaning inside and out
  • Vacuum all areas high and low, confined space specialists.